This is a perfect example of the effect of how idol worshipers will be so gullible and believe anything they hear. They want it to be true to satisfy their illusions of grandeur.  Someone says this 666 is the word of God. Then everyone says “I believe it.” Now they are the knowing ones and their egos are satisfied because now they are special having learned special knowledge. They have learned illusion.

It might help if they were to look at the original Greek text. It doesn’t say 666.  Some say it says 616 as in the Novum Testamentum Graece, Codex Ephraemi Rescriptus, and others.  It doesn’t say 616.

Google bible 666 and see all the ridiculous explanations

barcode 666

What is the true translation?

Look in the Codex Vaticanus.  They are not Greek words at all.  They are symbols.  They are in Arabic.  Any Arab knows what they mean.

The First Symbol

The first symbol symbolizes the concept “bisim,” which means “in the word of.”


The Second Symbol

The second symbol is the symbol of “Allah,” (as in – There is no God but Allah, and Muhammad is his messenger).

allah symbol

The Third Symbol

The third symbol looks similar to an X which symbolizes “Islam.”  It today is the bottom part of the symbol of Saudi Arabia.  It is also on the flag of Saudi Arabia.  It has been the symbol of Islam since it began.


emblem saudi arabia

That is not a Palm Tree.  That is not the rising Sun.  That is blood from the infidels.

saudi flag

The Holy name of Allah


The Arabic components that build-up the word “Allah”:
1. alif
2. hamzat waṣl (همزة وصل)
3. lām
4. lām
5. shadda (شدة)
6. dagger alif (ألف خنجرية)
7. hāʾ

allah on isis flag