Branch Dividian

Branch Dividian

Branch Dividian


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David Koresh

David Koresh = Vernon Wayne Howell


Howell moved quickly to assert his spiritual authority, and one of his first acts was the adoption of a new name, David Koresh. This name suggested that he was a spiritual heir of the biblical King David and that he, like Koresh (Hebrew for Cyrus, the ancient Persian king), was a messianic figure—though not the Messiah, Jesus.  (Cyrus is the only non-Jew to whom the title messiah, or "anointed one," is given in Scripture.)

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David and his Bible

Koresh preaching
David Koresh loved the Jesus Novel
Koresh the rock star
David the rock star
david and building
David and Davidian Building

February 28, 1993 the Mount Carmel headquarters was raided by the ATF.  After a long standoff ... on April 19, 1993 the headquarter building was burned down by the FBI in an attempt to enter.

ATF and windowexplosionburning in waco

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