About Mormons


Smith then proceeded to marry half a dozen women in 1843, yet he denied to the public that he practiced this polygamy. He had at least forty wives in his lifetime, some of whom were thirteen years old, and Brigham Young had fifty wives. Now, the modern view is that polygamy is unacceptable,

The Book

 The Book of Mormon 2 (changed in more than 4,000 places since 1830),

Doctrine and Covenants, and the Pearl of Great Price ... is also the word of God.

Mormon belief contradicts Scripture, the Mormons say that particular part of Scripture is translated incorrectly, and that the correct translation is in one of the Mormon scriptures

Bible is considered usable, but suspect due to its many errors and missing parts" (Articles of Faith No. 8,Ensign, January 1989, pp. 25, 27).

An ngel named Moroni (pronounced ma-roe-nee) appeared to him in 1827 and told him of some golden plates hidden in a hillside near Palmyra, New York. From these plates, Smith supposedly translated the Book of Mormon. [Published in 1830, this was to become the first of many scriptures for the Mormon Church

 Book of Mormon is a fraud, having been plagiarized from the Bible, from Shakespeare, from the pope's Essays on Man, from the Westminster Confession of Faith, and from other leading authors of the last few hundred years prior to Smith's death. Despite its plagiarisms, the Book of Mormon contradicts the Bible in hundreds of places (9/95, Maranatha Baptist Watchman)

 Alma 5:52 is identical almost word-for-word to Matthew 3:10. Smith plagiarized 478 verses from the book of Isaiah, and 201 are identical to the King James Bible


The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (with headquarters in Salt Lake City, Utah -- a state that is now 70% Mormon

Founded in 1830 by Joseph Smith Jr. at age 25 (1805-1844).

5.2 million U.S., ranking it 5th among the largest 25 U.S. denominations, 2.5 million in 1970

claims about 11 million baptized members worldwide 

 last decade, nearly 300,000 individuals over the age of eight have joined the Mormon Church every year

Membership is expected to grow to over 23 million over the next two decades. It is growing fastest in Latin America and Asia.