Miracles, the Foundation of Belief

These quoted events called miracles transcend human powers and even the laws of nature proving a divine origin.  These miracles that a character in a novel “man of God” alleges happened are given as the proof that whatever is told to a person is the “God’s truth” and that you must believe and act on whatever the priest/preacher/“man of God” tells you to do.

Word of God

To give a written document super credibility so that people will blindly follow it, the document must look as if a miracle has happened.  By someone saying God wrote this book, people listening and blindly believing will give the book total credibility.  But God isn’t physical so a miraculous explanation is in order.  God influenced special holy and devout men, men of God, and had them write the words he wanted written.  Thus these writings become the absolute truth.  And they just don’t call it the Bible.  They call it the Holy Bible to give the illusion that it is so spectacular because “God” wrote it.  Each sentence in the book is so precious that these verses must be marked with numbers for reference for others to find.  The actual writings must be magnified and glorified to give the illusion they are such magnificent writings that only God could have made them. Yet the New Testament is the most self-contradicting, falsified, misrepresented, grossly imaginative, and nonsensical book on the planet.  But because people have accepted that it is the “Word of God” they try to justify it even to the point of looking totally and utterly ridiculous.  God is not that stupid to write a book like that.  Saying it is the word of God is an insult to God. “Thou shall not take the name of the Lord your God in vain,” christian.

Believe and You will be “Saved”

Believe what I say and don’t think about what I say.  No one would enter into a business transaction if someone told them that.  But heaven and eternal life is offered to the “dummy” if they just believe and don’t think and don’t think, and don’t think about it.  Also the person will be offered group acceptance after he or she agrees to blindly believe with no proof offered.

God in the Flesh

Jesus is “God in the Flesh.”  By making God a Hero by being a real person it personifies something that people can relate to.  They can say your Gods are myths, my God is real.  He revealed himself on our human level.  Isn’t one of the commandments, “Thou shall not take the name of the Lord your God in vain,”  christian.

The other religions that claimed their God was incarnate, like Krishna, and this attracts followers and establishes itself as a religion for centuries.  It is essential to historicize the myth.  Christianity represents that it can prove what happened.  However they can’t.  There is nothing written by the 40 plus known and respected historians of that time and the over 200 known authors of that time.  The churches and holy places were established 300 years after the death date of Jesus.  And Jesus would have no place in theology as Paul admits if it was not said that Jesus miraculously arose from the dead.  As Paul said, “If Christ has not been raised, your faith is in vain”   Corinthians 15:17.

Died for Your Sins

You owe a lot to this person who died for something wrong that YOU did.  You should be grateful and show your appreciation by believing and doing whatever the priest/preacher says what to believe in and what to do.

Holy Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of God

The ultimate in a woman.  Every man wants to marry a virgin.  This means that she has been virtuous and not screwed around with other men.  It means she has chosen the man husband as the only man she wants.  It means you can trust her after marriage not to be interested in other men.  Mary is so virtuous that God the Father chose her above all other women to impregnate her and to have her give birth God’s only ever offspring, himself.  What a quality woman, every man’s dream come true.  Mary is depicted as the “Mother of God.”  But wait a minute, God created her, how can she be the mother of God?  And wasn’t Mary married at the time God impregnated her???  That means God committed adultery!!!

Well let’s say that she gave birth to God number 2, and call him a son of God number 1.  And then let’s say there are three Gods in one God and call the three Gods the Trinity.  When people ask the leaders what does that mean, they will just tell them that it is a mystery.  That way the priests can present it as if it were a fact instead of lunatic psycho babble.

Be sure and call the Priest “Father”

By a priest having you call him “Father” he is saying, “I am your psychological security.”  A person is psychologically and emotionally bound to their father.  He can be trusted and will always be understanding and guide them in the correct direction. So the priest want to impose himself upon that person to obtain a psychological advantage. That is, if you say you believe in his dumb religion story.


Water rejuvenates the planet.  It cleans dirt off of the body.  Baptism is the perfect symbol of changing a person for the better.  The Catholic Church get the parents of a newly born to baptize their infants so that the church can now claim the child is Catholic for the rest of its life.  The Church claim that once you are baptized a Catholic you are always a Catholic no matter what you decide later on in your life.  Catholic parents and other Catholics wholeheartedly subscribe to this dictate.


This ceremony is called a sacrament.  A sacrament is a super holy event.  This ceremony is all about confirming that the child has chosen to be a Catholic.  The ceremony is administered to a child of about 7 years old, the age of “discretion.”  At seven years old the child has no idea what the world is about and certainly has no choice in deciding what religion to choose.  The parents make a big celebration and a big meal afterwards with friends to cement the conditioning that the child is a Catholic.


The very holy and miraculous Priest says, “I have the power to make this wafer into God.”  He does a special ceremony, then the “Host’, a piece of thin flat cracker, now is God!  The priest now says, “Eat my special potion wafer.  It will make you holy, a little like God himself.”  You will be superior and more “graceful” than other people who don’t eat it.

Communion is called a sacrament or a super holy event. It is often called “Holy Communion.”  The “First communion” is given to a child around 7 years of age.  It is a special celebration event.  The parents act like the child has done a great accomplishment after receiving communion for the first time.  The parents also have a big festive meal with friends and relatives to cement the conditioning of the child that he is a “Catholic.”


You can have your guilt removed entirely for that evil thing you did by the priest of the Catholic Church.  The priest says “I have the power to remove your sins you have committed and it will be as if you never committed them.” No more guilt.  And in the future you can do what is a sin as long as you go to confession later to erase your actions.


Because you believe what I want you to, you are a very special person.  At any time in the future there will be an unexpected event happen.  This event was said would happen by God.  A miracle will happen where I will leave this earth in an instant and go straight to heaven.  All the other bad people will be left on earth.  So, you have to believe what I tell you otherwise this miraculous event will not happen to you, and you will be one of the left on earth ones.

Someday soon I, because I’m special and you are not (I’m saved), will be taken away from this terrible place by my Hero big brother, and you will be still here to bask in huge evil that will come because you didn’t believe the fantasy that I did.

The Enforcement

Original Sin

You were bad from the day you were born.  Your ancestors made you have a debt of badness.

The Devil

Anyone contradicting the establishment religion is an evil person, or anything bad that happens is because of some bad being that caused it.


Fire, burning pain for an eternity, never ever to regain normalcy.

Mortal Sin

A mortal sin is the worst sin you could do.  Murder is a mortal sin for example.  If you die with a mortal sin on your soul then you go straight to Hell.  But, if you confess your mortal sin before you die, the priest will give your prayers to say to erase the sin.  So if you die after your confession then your soul will be clean and you will not go to Hell.

It just so happens that the Catholic church has a very strict rule of attending the church mass every Sunday.  Not attending just once is a such a severe act that the church says it is so severe a wrong that it is a mortal sin.  If you don’t go to church on Sunday and you die on Monday and didn’t go to confession and tell the priest that you sinned by not going to mass on Sunday, then you had a mortal sin on your soul when you died and will go straight to hell for eternity.


A place you go where you burn for a while because you know you did bad things but not as bad as the judgment of eternity of hell.  You have hope knowing that someday your punishment will end and then you will go to heaven.


The place of infinite peace and happiness for an eternity.  All your wants and desires fulfilled.

Fear and Death

No preacher is ever preaching the history of Christianity (the love thy brother sect).

Stimulus used is the fear of the devil and the fear of hell (in addition to the already existing fear of death).

These fears were huge before science and technology and rational thinking.

Preachers openly terrorize people with the doctrine of the devil and hell for eternity.

They direct this to the nonbeliever giving an ultimatum, believe and accept or burn for eternity never to come back.

Sadistic portraits of suffering and pain.  And this all happens after the feared act of dying alleging that it won’t be something to fear.  This is directed not to logic but to fear and cowardice of future gross consequences.  The carrot is acceptance of the group and the result is the respect given by others as they now count you as one of the group.

The Creed

Repeat a number of sentences over and over and eventually it will seem as if it were true.

Become a Saint

You will be idol worshiped by all.  You will have a special place in Heaven.  You will have a perpetual exalted ego.