Galileo Galilei


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NO, he did NOT,  NOT have his eyes gouged out as many believe.

Galileo Galilei, father of modern science, He said the sun was in the middle and the earth revolved around it.  The Church said the earth was in the middle and the planets, including the sun revolved around the earth.

There were four inquisition hearings concerning the heretic Galileo.  Galileo recanted his views but the Catholic Church still kept him under house arrest.  He died at 77 while still under house arrest.

Galileo’s works were banned for a century by the Catholic Church.

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“But because I have been enjoined, by the Holy Office, altogether to abandon the false opinion which maintains that the Sun is the center and immovable, and forbidden to hold defend, or teach, the said false doctrine in any manner …. I abjure, curse, and detest the said errors and heresies, and generally every other error and sect contrary to the said Holy Church.”  – Galileo Galilei