Mason God

Mason God

The Masonic Lodge unveils the mongrel name for this Masonic god in the “Royal” Arch degree of the York Rite.

“As we three agree,

in peace, love and unity,

the sacred word to keep.

So we three do agree,

in peace, love and unity,

the sacred word to search.

Until we three,

or three such as we shall agree,

this Royal Arch Chapter to close.”

They then reveal, the ‘sacred word’ – ‘Jah-Bal-On.’

This is given in low breath and is performed three times by three lecturers, taking turns to pronounce a name each:

(1) “Jah” (2) “Bal” (3) “On”

(2) “Jah” (3) “Bal” (1) “On”

(3) “Jah” (1) “Bal” (2) “On.”

This is one of the most guarded secrets throughout all the Masonic Lodge rituals and degrees.

The candidate is then told that “It is the name of Deity in three language, viz Chaldee, Hebrew and Syriac. Which is the long lost master Mason’s word, and has now become the Grand Omnific Royal Arch Word” (US Masonic lecture quote).

The Masonic Lodge, thus, blasphemously unites the God of the Bible – Jehovah – with the pagan gods of Syria – Baal – and of Egypt – On – into a man-made anti-scriptural trinity. The Irish lecture explains:

“The names by which the Supreme Being was known to the three leading nations of antiquity, Chaldean, Syriac and Egyptian: –

1. Jah. the Chaldean name of God, and signifies, ‘His essence in Majesty – incomprehensible.’ It is also a Hebrew word, signifying, ‘I am and shall be’ thereby expressing the actual future and eternal existence of the Most High.

2. Bal. is a Syriac word which signifies ‘Lord or Powerful’ also ‘Lord in heaven or on high.’

3. On. is an Egyptian word signifying ‘Father of all’ as is expressed in the Lord’s prayer.”