Preacher Masons

Preacher Masons

Pope Mason

Pope Francis

Graham mason

Billy Graham

Billy Graham, World’s most popular ‘Christian’ evangelist is a 33rd Degree Freemason.  He offered spiritual counsel to not just one but three US presidents: Eisenhower, Johnson, and Nixon.

Jesse Jackson Mason

Jessy Jackson

33rd Degree Prince Hall Freemason

Joseph Smith –

was a 33rd Degree Mason.

Brigham Young –

was a 33rd Degree Mason.

Oral Roberts Mason

Oral Roberts

33rd Degree Freemason

Robert Schuller MasonSchuller Gorbatsjov Mason Handshake

Robert Schuller

33rd Degree Freemason,   Schuller and Gorbatsjov - with mason handshake held up for everyone to see.

Kennith Copeland Mason

Kennith Copeland –

Pope and Blair MasonsPope and Israel Prime Minister

The Pope with Mason handshake