In order for a person to become a Shriner, he must not only go through all the degrees of Masonry, make all those blood-curdling oaths, worship gods who are not gods and he must make a blood oath of allegiance to Allah as his god and Mohammed as his prophet. The Shriner is then given a red fez with a crescent moon and star and an Islamic beheading sword on the front of it. This originates from 7th century Arabia when the Moslems, under the leadership of Mohammed, slaughtered all Christians who would not bow down to Allah.  Allah, by the way, was not another (generic) name given to God by Mohammed; Allah is the tribal deity --the moon god-- of Mohammed; it was the name of the god in the tribe that Mohammed was born into.  That is why every mosque today has a crescent moon on the top of its spire. 

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City of Fez

Now when Mohammed's army of men, out to slaughter all the 'infidels', came to the city of Fez, in Morocco, they found a community of Christians.  After killing all the Christians there with their Islamic-style swords, they took their hats (called a fez) and dipped them in the blood of the Christians, and wore the fezzes throughout the land glorying in their victory over Christianity.  Today Shriner's put on red fezzes (representing the hats dipped in the blood of Christians) with the Islamic sword and crescent showing their allegiance to Allah and Mohammed (and the defeat of Christianity).
Inner fraternity whose members are dedicated to the service of a mysterious arcannum    arcandrum [defined as 'a secret, a mystery'


The best known of these groups is the Shriners (official name: "Ancient Arabic Order Nobles Mystic Shrine"), who hold festive parades and support hospitals for crippled and burned children. (To be a Shriner, one must be a 32nd degree Scottish Rite Mason, or its equivalent in the York Rite [Knights Templar]). [The 33rd degree is an honorary degree bestowed upon especially worthy masons who have accomplished outstanding work in such fields as religion and politics.] 

The Name

Previously known as Ancient Arabic Order of the Nobles of the Mystic Shrine (A.A.O.N.M.S.) The name was changed in 2010 to be more politically correct to the Shriners of North America.


the words "temple" and "mosque" to describe Shriners' buildings has been replaced by "Shrine Center"

Ritual Proclamations

In the ritual proclaims" Seal their oath in the name of allah, the God of our fathers."  "Islam is the one true faith " 


Pope Leo 13th Proclaimed …  "let no man think for any reason whatsoever, join the Masonic Sect if he values his Catholic name and his eternal salvation."

Membership requirements

Until 2000, before being eligible for membership in the Shrine, a Mason had to complete either the Scottish Rite or York Rite systems.  But now, because there are few that qualify under the old requirements, any Master Mason can join.

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The Shriners’ distinctive greeting “Es Selamu Aleikum!” -- means”Peace be with you!”

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