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Matthew the Scribe

Matthew was one of the apostles.  He is pictured with an angel standing next to him dictating what he was to write.  The character seems to be copied from the Egyptian Story concerning Lord Horus.  Taht-Matiu was the scribe of the gods.  The lion is the symbol attributed to Matthew which is the zodiac symbol of Egyptian month Taht-Matiu (Thoth).

Tradition makes Matthew the eighth of the apostles and and Esmen (eighth) is the title of Taht-Matiu.  After Judas was no longer an apostle, Matthias was chosen to fill the place of the traitor.  In the Egyptian story Matiu (Taht) succeeded Sut [Set] and took his place after the betrayal of Osiris.  Matthew wrote "inspired" writings and Taht-Matiu wrote the Ritual, the Hermetic (inspired) by inscribing in hieroglyphics by the finger of Mati himself.


He was not one of the apostles.  He was said to be a physician or Therapeut.  He was a "doctor" of the Church.  Luke is said to have traveled to Greece, Macedonia, Jerusalem, and Rome as a companion of Paul.  This is doubted by many scholars.  The name Luke in the original Greek is Lykos, another name for Apollo, the god of healing.

Just another example of using a god name of another belief group to make their transition easier into the Catholic (means universal) Church.


He was not one of the apostles.  he served as the scribe of Peter.  As one of the four writers of the gospels he represented one of the cardinal points of the zodiac.  This is admitted by  Irenaeus.  The gospel writers are represented in Christian Cathedrals as the four creatures of the apocalypse: the man, the ox, the lion, and the eagle.  These are the astrological symbols of Aquarius,  Taurus, Leo, and Scorpio.  Mark is depicted as Leo the lion, summer.


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Thomas the Twin

One of the twelve apostles


One of the twelve apostles


One of the twelve apostles


One of the twelve apostles

James the Brother, the younger

One of the twelve apostles

James the Greater

One of the twelve apostles

John the Baptist

A Roman Catholic Saint. Born the son of Zachariah, a Temple priest, and his wife Elizabeth, who was a cousin or aunt of Mary, the mother of Jesus. Tradition has it he was born very late in his parents' lives, after it had been accepted that theirs would be a barren union. He was apparently born between six and twelve months before Jesus.

He was to become known as ‘the Precursor' whose role it would be to announce the coming of Jesus. Traditionally, John began his ministry by proclaiming the coming of the Messiah. He gathered a large following, whom he then baptized them in the River Jordan.

Burial Site  =     Damascus, City of Damascus, Damascus, Syria

Virgin Mary

Mary Magdalene

Three Wise Men

3 Marys at Crucifixion