Worship Mary

Worship Mary

The “virgin Mary” is revered more than Jesus by most Catholics all around the world. They will typically have a large statute of the “Virgin” Mary in their house and no anything of Jesus. Many times they put a food offering at Virgin Mary’s feet.

The most said prayer by the Catholics is the “Hail Mary”, (NO, NO, it’s not a football pass).

Attend Church Services for Mary (New Years Day, Jan 1)

Start the year out right.  All Catholics are required to attend church services (a holy day of obligation) on the first day of the year, January 1, the day set aside to honor the holy blessed virgin Mary, mother of God.  As a priest stated “We are reminded of the role that the Blessed Virgin played in the plan of our salvation. We trust in her prayers to God for us, that we might, as the years pass, become more like her. She never hesitated to do Gods will.” Earlier Christians called her Theotokos, “the God Bearer.”

For the first day of the year, Catholics are to draw inspiration from her for the balance of the new year.

Virgin Mary

And … Again for Mary … (Annunciation day)

And don’t forget to go to church services on Annunciation day, March 25 (a holy day of obligation), the day when Angel Gabriel appeared to Mary and told “Mary the mother of God” that she would be the mother of Jesus (God).

And … Again for Mary … (Assumption day)

And also don’t forget to attend church services on August 15, the Assumption of Mary (a holy day of obligation) , to honor and pray to the virgin Mary. Evidently assumption means the body of the virgin Mary ascended up into heaven before the body could be buried. It disappeared into the heavens.

And … Again for Mary … (Immaculate Conception day)

And don’t forget to go to church services on Immaculate Conception day, December 8 (a holy day of obligation), the day when Mary mother of God was miraculously impregnated by God (Mary was married at the time so it was adultery by God). Evidently Mary had a longer pregnancy than normal women since the birthday of Jesus is only 17 days later, which means her pregnancy took over a year.

It has been said by sources allegedly written as far back as 100 CE that Jesus was not born of a virgin. Ebionites agree (source=St Irenaeus, Heresies 1:26:1 2).

Mary has four days …

Jesus only has two days of obligation; Christmas and Easter.

sad jesus

Jesus says, “Only two for me???”

virgin mary

“I deserve more days, because I'm worth it," says the Holy Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of God.

Praying to Mary