Allah the God of War


The Moon God

Ibrahim then called the moon “my lord” (K 006:077). Finally, Ibrahim saw the sun and said that of the sun, moon and stars, the moon was greatest of the three (K 006:078). 

When he saw the moon rising in splendour, he said: "This is my Lord." But when the moon set, He said: "unless my Lord guide me, I shall surely be among those who go astray."     K 006:077

Friday Prayer

Friday Prayer

jumah friday prayers


  1. "Friday prayer" must be prayed in Jama’ah (congregation).
  2. There must be at least 5 (better 7) persons including the Imam.
  3. According to some Shiite law Only one Friday prayer may be prayed in a radius of 3 miles 720 yards.

Muslim "Word of God"

Muslim "Word of God"


Muslims believe in the old Testament and the New Testament

Muhammad claimed that Christians and Jews suppressed (K 002:140, 174; 005:014- 015, 061) and ignored (K 005:044) those parts of the Bible that have not been corrupted beyond recognition (K 004:046).

Or do ye say that Abraham, Isma'il Isaac, Jacob and the Tribes were Jews or Christians? Say: Do ye know better than Allah? Ah! who is more unjust than those who conceal the testimony they have from Allah? but Allah is not unmindful of what ye do!      K 002:140

Blessed Holy Virgin Mary, Mother of Prophet Jesus, and Koran

Virgin Mary

Virgin Mary is a Big Deal in the Quran and Muslim Tradition

And when she bore her, she said, ‘My Lord, I have borne a female [child]’ —and God [Allah] knew better what she had borne — ‘and the male is not like the female. I have named her Mary, and I commend her and her offspring to Your care against [the evil of] the outcast Satan.’ (3:36)