Pope Prayed to the Cut Out Heart of Padre Pio

 In June 2009, the Pope prayed before the heart of Padre Pio. Grave looters removed the corpse, and cut out his heart.

Pope prays

The Pope folds his hands, and venerate and adore the heart of a deceased man, and call it “Holy”.

21st of June 2009, The present Pope paid a visit the shrine San Giovanni Rotondo in Italy.

A picture was taken of the Pontiff, and a blogger has written this message:

“Pope Benedict XVI looks at the Heart of the mystic saint Padre Pio in the crypt”.

Another site has the covered the event, when the deceased body of Padre Pio was exhumed on March 17th 2008:

That’s a photo of Archbishop Domenico D’Ambrosio (left) and some friars opening Padre Pio’s coffin, earlier this month.

April 24 is the day that the remains are to go on display at what was once his home, the friary known as San Giovanni Rotondo, but I will not be surprised if it happens even earlier in the month.


Roman Catholic grave looters at work, removing the coffin of Padre Pio.

The Vatican had announced in January that the body would be exhumed in April, and after some protests from Padre Pio’s biological family, those plans were stepped up to early March.

They may do likewise in putting the body on display, perhaps a couple of weeks earlier than was first announced.

opening casket

Vatican approved Archbishop Domenico D’Abmrosico helps the clergy men and friars to open the coffin of Padre Pio.

The Vatican has said that the body will be shown to the public in a coffin made of glass.

Source: Various media

Among the sane people in this Italian district, were members of the biological family of this former Catholic friar. They wanted their family member to R.I.P.

But some criminal Roman Catholic priests followed the orders from the Vatican. Under the cover of darkness, these men of Satan looted his grave.

The Pope folds his hands, and prays before the CUT OUT HEART of this Roman Catholic faithful.

grave robbers