By Force

Burn Women

During 300 years of witch hunts, the Christians burned somewhere…

Hammer Witches

“A lot of women are witches and should be put to death.”


Inquisition Bull

The Bull

On May 15,1252 Pope Innocent IV issued Bull AD …



Torture was inflicted without solid proof of guilt.

Eliminating Competition

After the greatest forgery mill in history, the powers of the Church went on a rampage of murdering…


Fourth Council of the Lateran in 1215, convoked by Pope Innocent III, This was the twelfth ecumenical…

Persecute Jews

Persecution of Jews

70 C.E.

The Roman Army destroyed Jerusalem, killed…

Banned Books

Banned Books by the Vatican - Links:

Black Pope…


Miracles, the Foundation of Belief

These quoted events called miracles transcend human…


Galileo Galilei


Jesuits ---------------------

Bishop of Cantebury and Pope

During the 16th and 17th centuries, nearly all the monarchs and resulting governments of Scotland,…

Jesuit Headquarters

Purpose of Jesuits

The purpose of the Jesuit Order, formally established by the Pope in…