Holy Catholic skulls watch over Madonna and child

There are 800 “Holy Skulls” inside the Otranto Cathedral in Southern Italy. Hundreds of them overlook the alter with an idol of Mother and child.

Madonna and skulls

Hundreds of skulls looks down at the alter of this Catholic Chuch in Southern Italy.

The official Roman Catholic story is:

“According to the Roman Martyrology, August 14, the Church remembers and venerates “… the approximately eight hundred martyrs of Otranto, in Puglia, pressured to renounce the faith after the crushing assault of the Ottoman soldiers in 1480 A.D.

Madonna close up

They were exhorted by blessed Antonio Primaldo, an elderly tailor, to persevere in Christ, and thus through decapitation they obtained the crown of martyrdom.”


Church of Ontario

This is the Church of Ortranto.

This chapel is found in the suburb of Kutna Hora in the Czech Republic. There are not less than 40.000 human skeletons inside this Roman Catholic Chapel in the Czech Republic.

Kutna Hora Church

40.000 people in Prague have to look for the skulls of their relatives inside the decorations of this Church.



Both skulls and angels have been used to decorate the full church.


Eucharist Monstrance

A Catholic Idol encasing that holds the wafer of the Eucharist.

Eucharist Monstrance

The bony Catholic Eucharest holding replica in this Church in Prague.

bone writing

Roman Catholic symbol made with bones of dead people.


This is the official explanation:

The skeletons have been artistically arranged to form decorations and furnishings for the chapel. All the bones were the victims of the Silesian wars and epidemics.