Worship Death

Roman Catholic nuns fought and got half of saints boiled skull

The skull of Saint Brébeuf can be adored in Martyr’s Shrine near Midland, Ontario, in Canada. But only half of it.


Roman Catholics can adore half of a skull in Canada. The other half was given to nuns, and disappeared.


Brébeuf did not make a single outcry while he was being tortured and he astounded the Iroquois, who later cut out his heart and ate it in hopes of gaining his courage Brébeuf was fifty-five years old.

The Bishops of Dagon display skulls

 The Philistines cut the head of dead King Saul, and kept his skull hanging in the temple of Dagon. The mourning Jews buried the rest of his bones.

adoring a skull

A Catholic Bishop adore the skull of “Saint” Wenceslas at the Basilica in Stara Bolesav, just outside Prague.

Like in ancient times of the Philistines, their successors pose the greatest threats to Israel today.